Add grilled chicken, $4.79
Add Norwegian salmon {char-grilled or Cajun}, $8.99
Add Albacore tuna, $3.79



Garden  $4.99  Mixed lettuce greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, garbonzo beans, black olives, green peppers & pepperoncini.  Crumbled bleu, feta or blend cheese, add 0.99.

Caesar    Small  $4.99  Large $6.99  Add grilled chicken $4.79  Romaine lettuce, black olives, coutons & freshly grated parmesan cheese, served with or without anchovies.

Burgh’s Signature  $6.59  Mixed greens, bacon, crumbled bleu chese, onions, green olives, roasted red peppers, tomato, pepperoncini, croutons & balsamic vinaigrette.

Cobb $13.99  Thinly sliced rib-eyed steak, grilled chicken, bacon, egg, French Fies, suateed mushrooms & green peppers plus blend of cheeses on top of our Burgh’s Salad.

Chopped Wedge  $7.29  Iceberg lettuce, egg, bacon, tomato, crumbled bleu cheese and creamy bleu cheese dressing accented with fresh cracked pepper.  Add grilled chicken, 2.99.

Antipasto  $12.99  A generous portion of Italian meats with a nice array of artichokes, red peppers, mushrooms & grape tomatoes.  Fresh mozzarella, provolone, olives, pepperoncini & house dressing cover a light layer of mixed greens.