Garlic Cheese Loaf  small $4.29  large $7.99
Mancini’s submarine roll split down the middle, brushed with roasted garlic and a blend of spices.  Topped with romano, provolone and mozzarella cheeses and then oven baked.
BPWP   $11.99
Mountain of French Fried potatoes with Land O Lakes LaChedda cheese sauce, smoked gouda, bacon & ranch dressing.
Stuffed Banana Peppers {new} $12.99
Hungarian peppers stuffed with suasage & premium beef, covered with cheese over tomato sauce.  Served with breadsticks.
Mussels {available Thursday-Sunday} {new} $12.99
Prepared with white wine and garlic sauce.  Served with breadsticks.
Boneless Wings {new} $13.99
Choice of kenda breaded or grilled tossed in your favorite wing sauce.  Served with choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing.
Burgh’s Pretzels  $7.99  {Add Lachedda Cheese $1.99}
Deep fried and served with Miller’s banana pepper sauce & honey mustard.
Hummus {new}  $11.99
A Mediterranean chickpea spread served with assorted vegetables & crackers for  a flavorful snack.